Designed For Maximum Reliabity And Profit

Force Trend Follow System

"Force Trend Follow System" is the unique Forex manual trading strategy.
It's the perfect broker palsy machine, which will help to create a substantive income.
The strategy consists of three unique indicators.
The strategy ensures maximum profit with minimal loss.

We guarantee profit  300 to 800 pips per month!

The most recommended trading pairs are those that tied up to the Japanese yen.

Recommended pairs (EUR/JPY,USD/JPY,AUD/JPY,CAD/JPY).


Why these currency pairs?
This strategy works great on "short-term trend" method.
These pairs support a good trending movement. Time frame is  H1 only!.

In this strategy, the most important rule is to follow strictly  MM (Money Management).

In this trading strategy we recommend to use wise ratio 2/1 (TP / SL levels).


Example (TP100 SL50). Our tests resulted with great win/loss ratio 8 wins in 10 trades.


Do the indicators repaint?

The indicator "Force Pointer" is used for filtering only, and it repaints. (red/green arrows appear on candles).

The Indicator "Force Divergence" does NOT repaint!

The indicator "Force Trend" does NOT repaint!


See a few examples for long/short trades.





A detailed description of the strategy "FORCE TREND FOLLOW SYSTEM" and the rules for trading entries are presented in the manual.


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