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Force Renko 

"Force Renko" strategy is unique and  has no analogues in Forex manual offline (synthetic) trading system.
The strategy is unique in its accuracy and is highly precise especially for renko bars.
During a long time we have been improving and harmonizing these indicators and their accuracy.
Indicators are developed by our programmers and have very accurate entries in trade.
The system consists of 2 indicators.
System works great for any forex major pairs using offline bars.

how much revenue we can get?
This strategy works great on any pair.
Time frame is M2.

In this strategy, the most important rule is to follow strictly  MM (Money Management).

The purpose of this trading strategy is to get more than 50 pips per trade, (up to 100 pips or more).

In this trading strategy we recommend to use wise ratio 2/1 (TP / SL levels).

For example (Take profit 80 pips Stop Loss 40 pips).


Do these indicators repaint?

The Indicator "Force Renko Confirmer"  repaint until the candle closes!

The indicator "Force Renko Entry Bars" does NOT repaint!



Take a look at a few examples.


                                            Signals for Long/Short trade (BUY/SELL)

A detailed description of  the strategy "FORCE RENKO" and the rules for trading entries are presented in the manual.



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